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On the Day

  • Wear jeans or pants and closed-in shoes (no thongs/sandals allowed).
  • You will be provided with a hat, t-shirt, sunscreen and lunch box.
  • A full information pack will be provided in advance.
We have a variety of roles available.  Click here for more info.

What Should I Bring?

Weather appropriate clothing (layering works best), sunglasses, sun hat, warm clothes, water, extra snack food, day backpack, extra sunscreen, camp chair, camera, emailed volunteer information, enthusiasm and patience.

What Will I Get?

All volunteers Receive:

  • Event and competition atmosphere
  • Certificate of appreciation
  • The awesome experience of supporting others
  • Real event experience through organising and being involved
Contact us on 0478 710 344 for further information.


Volunteer Job Descriptions

Car Park Marshal

You will guide competitors and spectators to the designed car parking area and if necessary to registration.


You will ensure that all participants are registered for the event and have valid licences when applicable. Give race numbers, race packs and timing chips to competitors. Other duties include: sign on/off; display results; main hub for communication to participants; bag room for participants; body marking.

Finish and Recovery Assistant

Assist the commentator to identify finishing participant’s race number and name; cut fruit and fill cups with water / hydrating fluid; direct all competitors towards the recovery area; cheer and support all participants as they approach the finishing line; assist in removing the timing chip from every participant at the finishing line and sorting them into the allocated boxes.

Event Setup

Setup of: courses; registration area and sponsorship flags and expo area. Set up and management of presentations; ensure trophies, prizes and medals are in order; assist prize presentation manager to pass out the trophies, medals & prizes to presenter.

Corporate Hospitality

Attend the needs of VIPs, sponsors and corporate teams; assist with the setup and keep the area clean; provide food and refreshments to everyone in the space.



Cycling Officials or Commissaires are vital to the successful, safe and fair running of any cycling event in Australia. Without these dedicated volunteers to the sport, the events would not be possible.

NXsports would like to thank all the commissaires for their time and effort and encourage anyone who is interested in cycling to become an official to the sport.

Put back into the sport you love.

For more information visit the Cycling Queensland website: www.qld.cycling.org.au




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