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Sunday 14 April 2019

Early Bird On Now

Ages 6 and up

Enter Now

The Amy's Family Fondo is just for you and your family.  Perfect to get your young (and not so young!) ones out of the house and up and active.  As a healthy activity, cycling can't be beat and the Family Fondo course is on fully closed roads for the utmost safety.

This is a non-competitive ride - go at any pace you'd like, there's a distance and a group for you.  Available to anyone and everyone from 6 years old and up, with all kids in tag alongs and bike seats welcome.


Queensland and Brisbane stand tall and proud to provide an international calibre cycle course.

For over six months, state and local stakeholders embarked on a journey together to create a course that embraces our lifestyle, shows off our unique environment, and reflects our city's vision to be the world's most livable city.

8km Ride with GPS

A Safe, Fun, Ride Together

Our purpose is to raise funds for the Ride for a Metre Matters campaign to promote safe cycling in the city through our partnership with the Amy Gillett Foundation.



Early Bird




On Now

To 15 Mar

16 Mar - 30 Mar

Adult Family Fondo - 8km



Add $10

Kids Family Fondo - 8km

Ages 6-12



Add $10

Family Fondo Pack - 8km

2 Adults, 2 Kids



Add $20

Ways to Pay

To help you lock in your ride, we're offering two options to book your place now:

Early Bird

Enter Now

A special early bird rate on now.

Drip Pay

Drip Pay

From as little as $1 upfront with no interest payment plan via Paypal.



As Australia's leading cycling safety organisation, the Amy Gillett Foundation works tirelessly to promote actions to make cycling safer in Australia.


Are there minimum speed requirements or curfews?

Yes, you must be satisfied you will meet the minimum average speed criteria needed to complete your course distance within the road-closure period.  There will be multiple curfew points across the course to ensure that your ride is fully supported and the event complies with issued permits.

Family Fondo (8km) - 10km/hr minimum

More info on not meeting a curfew is available on the terms and conditions.

What's Included



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