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Frequently Asked Questions


So...what's a Gran Fondo?

Italian for big ride, a Gran Fondo is a mass participation cycling event. First started in Europe, Gran Fondos are picking up popularity around the world as thousands of cyclists of all ages and abilities get on their bikes.

Gran Fondos feature an active and exciting event base, a scenic and often iconic course, inclusive participation, and a festival atmosphere. 

Who or what is the UCI?

The UCI stands for Union Cycliste Internationale and they are the world governing body for cycling. The UCI Gran Fondo World Series has qualifying events around the world where the top 20% qualify for the Gran Fondo World Championships.  In 2020, the Gran Fondo World Championships are to be held in Whistler Canada.

The Tour de Brisbane is proud to be a part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series.

What's the difference between all the events?

The UCI Gran Fondo World Series is offered in one 120km distance and all starts are organised by age groups.  Have a go and see how you stack up against your peers.

The 60km Medio and 30km Piccolo are non-competitive recreation rides organised to get you and your mates on the pushy regardless of your pedal power abilities. 

The National Road Series represents our nation's best domestic teams.

How is my UCI Gran Fondo qualifying time calculated?

All times are based off gun time - it is essential that if you intend to qualify for Worlds that you start in your correct wave.  Riders who start in the incorrect wave will not be eligible to qualify.

Who can enter?

120km Gran Fondo - Must be born in 2003 or earlier

60km Medio - Must be born in 2005 or earlier; e-bikes okay

30km Piccolo - Must be born in 2007 or earlier, e-bikes and recumbents okay

Community Ride - 6 years old as of 31 December 2020. (kids younger than 6 years old in tag alongs and bike seats accepted)

Age restrictions for each category are defined by the Cycling Australia Junior Policy

Note: all children 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Are there minimum speed requirements or curfews?

Yes, you must be satisfied you will meet the minimum average speed criteria needed to complete your course distance within the road-closure period.  There will be multiple curfew points across the course to ensure that your ride is fully supported and the event complies with issued permits.

120km Gran Fondo - to be calculated on final course approval.  Estimated at 20km/hr minimum.

60km Medio - to be calculated on final course approval. Estimated at 20km/hr minimum.

30km Piccolo - to be calculated on final course approval. Estimated at 18km/hr minimum.

More info on not meeting a curfew is available on the terms and conditions.

Do I need to ride Mount Coot-tha?

Important Notes:

  1. Riders who choose to bypass Mt Coot-tha will not gain the commensurate distance elsewhere on their ride; their overall ride shall as a result be shorter than the advertised 120km or 60km distance.
  2. Riders who choose to bypass must give way to all riders who are coming off the descent on the approach to Legacy Way return.  This will be signed and marshalled, and adequate lines of sight for both sets of riders prior to merge point will be created.
  3. Any rider in the 120km who chooses the bypass will continue to have their time recorded but will not be eligible for any age group placing and will not be eligible to qualify to the Gran Fondo Championships.
  4. There will be a timing loop at the base of the climb at Simpsons Road and a loop at the summit adjacent to Channel 2 Station; a rider must cross both these loops and complete the full 120km distance to be recognised in the above placings. 
  5. Riders who are behind the advertised speed minimum or curfew time will be asked to use the bypass; the roads must open at the advertised time in accordance with the road closure permit.

Can I ride with my friends?

Riders who wish to start outside their age group can opt to do so and must start in the mass start wave at the end of the 120km wave program. Note that any rider who starts outside their designated age group wave will not be eligible to quality for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships

Why do I need a fundraising page?

This event is a major fundraiser for The Common Good, an initiative of the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation and is key in raising awareness and funds for organ and tissue transplant. 

Do I get a free jersey?

From August 2019 to 31 December 2019, there was a free jersey offer for all participants who got in early and entered within this time frame. If you have entered after this date you do not receive a free jersey.

The only exception is unless you enter via The Common Good using their unique promo code or URL link and support the charity on your Tour de Brisbane journey. 

Jerseys are available to purchase via our merchandise sponsor, Scody.

Do I have to be a member of any organisation to ride?

There is no member organisation required.  You will need to purchase additional insurance if you are not a Cycling Australia member.

National Road Series teams must be approved by Cycling Australia.

Will there be inexperienced riders at the Tour de Brisbane?

Absolutely - everyone is welcome to ride!  If you are competitive, we recommend you join your Gran Fondo Age Group category.

If you do not think you can maintain the average speed requirements of the Gran Fondo, we recommend you enter a shorter distance.

What kind of bike can I ride?

You can use road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, hybrid bikes, and cross bikes.

E-bikes are permitted in the 60km Medio and 30km Piccolo.

Recumbents are permitted in the 30km Piccolo.

Tandem bikes are permitted in the 60km and 30km rides. 

Handcyclists are permitted in the 8km.

Bikes with tri or aero bars are not permitted.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

YES. Full stop.

How much does it cost?

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What about refunds, withdrawals, and transfers?

Read the fine print by clicking here.

Where is the start and finish line?

Start at South Bank on Grey Street.

Finish at South Bank on Grey Street.

Will there be things for my family to do while I ride?

Absolutely! Having the event based at South Bank means easy access to heaps of tourist activities, cafes, and shopping. 



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